Monday, May 12, 2008

pie charts

with some trepidation i registered for my summer math class today. On my placement test it was suggested I take math 10 or math 20. Ok. So i looked at both of them. math 10 i already got in my head, the whole number math. I don't have issues with that stuff. math 20 it is. I did better on decimals than fractions. Always had a hard time visualizing numbers as pieces of something, and recall very clearly having to make a pie graph to do every stinking fraction problem I ever came across. You know, you draw a circle, and draw a line to symbolize 1/2. Then other lines to cut it down further. Then, adding fractions, two stupid pies and I just was never able to quite get this stuff into my head. I can find the lowest common denominators and work out things like 4/5 + 7/16, it takes a while but I can do it, but yeah.. sigh... math.

Anyway, I'm gonna get a freakin A in my math class. I already decided that. Math over the summer- my own worst nightmare come true.

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