Wednesday, May 14, 2008

report to home

Thrilled to say that I am ranked 4th in my class with a current grade of 102.8%

Yeah that's never happened before.

My advisor is great and showed me how to set up the rest of my two years to make it easy on myself. Put math with the art classes, put the writing classes with geology or history. Do all the math needed in the first three semesters- i'll be done with my math by spring of '09. The design classes will be adding CGI next year, right when I start taking them. My writing score on my placement drops me right into WRI121. I don't have to mess with WRI95 at all. She said if we stay in KF, the best school for me to get my bachelor's in is SOU. Nearby and all, although i will probably not go in the winter time just because the roads down there suck in the winter.

Ok so off to bask in the shadow of Mt Shasta for the day again.


  1. Good idea not to regularly plan on challenging that pass during the winter. But, keep on pressing on that schooling!

  2. Thanks Gordie! It certainly feels weird, sometimes.