Monday, May 12, 2008

Py update

We walked up to the vet so Smart Half could get the skinny on the little guy in a more coherent way than I had been able to convey it. His condition had not improved too much except that his dehydration is improving. The vet brought him into the room so we could see him and he was happy to see us, was doing his rumbly low purr that he does, bumping his head on us (i think I left with a quarter inch of fur covering my sweatshirt). The vet was happy to see him perk up, and said he hadn't moved that much while he had been there. So we cuddled him and pet him and let him leave fur all over us and she explained his situation and the possible treatment options. Then I went to my class and came home and brought a dirty t-shirt (not filthy. just a worn one!) over, just something that smelled like me, for them to put in the boarding cage with him. Vet said that he had actually eaten a wee bit of food when they put him back in his cubby, and then they gave him a little kitty dose of valium and he ate a couple more bites and sipped some water and then crashed out. So that was great to hear. And she said that after he ate, they checked his sugars again and they only spiked a little bit, by about 20 points, so that was encouraging. She will call me again in the morning and update again, and I will probably stop into the office again and see him since it seemed to do some good today. They are giving him IV fluids and electrolytes in as well as antibiotics for his UTI and at least THAT is responding.

Py is my cat, always has been. You know how they are. Or maybe I'm his person. I don't know. He responds best to me and only grudgingly pays attention to Dale, which is why I thought the shirt that smelled like me might be comforting for him to have in his cubby.

I decided, and I think Dale too, that when these four guys are gone we're going to take a pet break for a few months, and the go to Jody (Strayer of the Cat Eyes blog) in Albany for another kitty or maybe two.


  1. Ya know, your self importance lately has gotten nauseating.

    Why don't you just ask us directly to start worshipping you?

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  3. yeah so much of this space is used to talk about people i've yelled at and discuss how I'm so much better than the average joe and i'm all about banning stuff I don't agree with and wrecking other people's fun.

    Why don't you bring your type of evangelicalism down here and be on my radio show? Oh wait.. KF is just one more rural town full of rubes and hicks, not worth the trouble.

    Invitation still stands.