Monday, April 07, 2008


spring time.

The time of year that I feel if I bend my knees just right I can jump 50 feet in the air, maybe higher. I am wound up. I don't know how to unwind this. I just keep getting more and more wound up as the season progresses. I go full-tilt through spring and summer and take my crash in the late fall.

Some of my friends get spring fever in the form of "need to clean the shit out of my house". Mine is "need to get the hell away from the house". Need to play certain songs. Need to learn new stuff. Need to write. Need to take pictures. Need to draw.

Need to go out and irritate the crap out of the buzzkillers. The boring people content to tell everyone else what they need to be doing. I keep running into these assholes, everywhere I go. When I tell them they should shut the hell up and bother someone else, they get upset. I don't know why. It's ok for them to tell me what I should be doing, but not for me... ?

Need to get a shirt that says "Fuck you and your opinions". Because your opinions are just as stupid and useless as mine, right? Just big round nebulous thoughts, based half in fantasy and half in reality.

Yeah I'll pick that one up right after my "Fuck the OLCC" shirt. Which i still need to have made.

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