Monday, April 28, 2008

pistachio puddin

I played the Danelectro for a couple of hours today through my weenie little 25 watt(I think it's 25?) Behringer v-tone practice amp.

That little amp always surprises me. It gets a lot of neat sounds. Good deal for $70 at the pawn shop.

Anyway yeah. The Danelectro. It is the color of pistachio pudding. Which I love. To eat and just look at. Whatever that means. And it plays like puddin. Just plays super nice. Maybe I'm just used to the extra force necessary for an acoustic guitar, but to me this thing plays like a dream come true.

I played with all the switch settings and fiddled with the different sounds on the amp and it just sounds good through all of them. I really like how it sounds dirty.

Tomorrow, the big test. How does it sound with some watts behind it? I will play it through the 100 watt bass head and 15" ported cabinet and see which neighbors complain first.

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