Thursday, April 03, 2008

what i think so far

My first class on Monday I was confronted with very, very old behavior. So old that it took a minute for me to identify it and wiggle out.

These teachers do not know the family history. There is no reason to get the hackles up if one doesn't acknowledge something you say or ask right away. There is no reason to feel confrontational upon first walking into a class. They are not making note of your every move and sentence to report back to their fellows about "Springer's kid". A pink slip is not going to arrive half way through the class to go listen to the Dean go on about how your dad got away with it (over and over and over) and that a close eye was going to be kept on you, which results in a tardy or absent for the next class, thereby chipping further at what little reputation you have as "smart" or "bright" even more. If you raise your hand to ask a question, you will not be pointedly ignored.

What happened when I was in high school was damaging, and it had little to do with bullying from other students. Bullying and picking on, I could handle with aplomb. Having the faculty and administrators riding my ass for something my dad did while he was faculty at the school I went to... not so great actually. But it's weird to have that stuff resurface NOW, when it didn't at SWOCC or LAHC.

So I just have to be aware of when that kind of thing crops up in my head. On top of all this organization and scheduling stuff they are trying to teach me. Truly, the hardest part of school (ok life in general) for me has always been keeping organized, and I made a lot of attempts to get it together, but somehow managed to get out with passing grades with zero concept of study skills, organization or time management.

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