Sunday, April 13, 2008


heh. I just spent like an hour and a half looking through and playing through like 20 duran duran songs.

I just went looking for "Friends of Mine", I swear...


  1. Hey, ain't no bad thing. Duran Duran is the shiznit (forgive me for saying shiznit).

    The fact that you were in search of "Friends of Mine" only confirms your good taste and sophistication.

    Even I have tracks that I'm a little embarrassed about in my iPod. Two words for you then we'll move on: "Little Willy". The less said there, the better.

    Although I wish I could take back the fact I bought Pop Trash. In my defense, Liberty is not in collection and is not likely to be.

    If, however, you remain ill-at-ease with a liking for the Double D, you can view these four clips where someone makes fun of DD (especially Aaaaandy!) and just laugh (they are quite good:

    "A View To A Kill""
    "New Moon on Monday"
    "Union of The Snake"
    "Wild Boys"


  2. well, no secret i like D2. John Taylor was the first bass player I really paid any attention to... I was just surprised at how I got lost in finding chord charts and jamming out so much of their stuff. I don't have any anymore, I was thrilled to find so much of it available to learn. I don't know if I have anything truly embarassing among the stuff I have. I DO have stuff that people say "No way. You have THAT? I would never have guessed..." about. Even have Neil Diamond. Because into everyone's day, a little Neil Diamond must fall. I love that shit. Even.. even.. ok this is kinda embarassing, Cinderella's "Gypsy Road".

  3. oh and you may use any word that's fun to say on the comments, here. I like bziznitches, myself. And lugubrious.