Saturday, April 05, 2008

somethin's creepin' in

The title is a line from a Therapy? song i tend to start playing a lot in the spring time and through the summer, and then it gets put away in the fall. It just has that kind of feel to it. But yeah I started playing it again last week and taught some friends how to play it.

But I think another summer song is going to be "Alone Again Or". I have never heard the original, as far as I know, but have heard (and enjoy) both Calexico's version and the earlier one by The Damned.

And today I just learned to play it.

Well, someone who can really play guitar would probably laugh uproariously through my labored, yet exuberant, playing. But it's recognizable and holy mackerel I can sing it too.

For anyone wondering, I use a combination of cheater chords, cowboy chords, parts of cowboy chords and sheer fakery. What I do apparently looks difficult, but it's just me being a crapass guitar player.

And I think I will share my mad skillz (yo) at the acoustic open mic at Mia's and Pia's tonight. Much to the detriment (say that with the french pronunciation) of the patrons of the establishment.

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