Tuesday, April 29, 2008

two goals

Yes two. !!

I am going to get an A in my math class over the summer. Ok I have never in my life gotten anything better than a C in ANY math class. But I'm going to get an A in this one. There's no reason I can't.

I'm going to start a garden. It probably won't be of any use until next year, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm going to use the square-foot gardening thing. I will start with a 3 x 3 square and see how it goes from there.

Our backyard is long and flat. I could fit something like 10 4 x 4 plots out there if i ever felt that adventurous. It'll be predominantly for food, but I intend to grow some flowers too. Next weekend I'm going out to mark off the spot and go out and see about scavenging some boards.

I already have a compost pile going. It's just that up until now it was just where we threw stuff that fell off the trees and put lawn mower clippings sometimes. I will build a chicken wire enclosure for it and see how that goes. It's going to be behind the garage, and with any luck, will stink like hell and piss off the jackasses on that side of us. haha just kidding. maybe.

Already every scrap of plastic and paper and cardboard goes in our bins. Returnable bottles and cans get carted off to become shiny nickels. I'll just start a new bucket for compostable bits and start adding that to the pile.


  1. I suggest herbs!

    They're hardy and easy to grow, in my experience, and they're a huge savings over store-bought, and better than dried.

  2. yeah thats one of the things i want to plant, definitely. I'd love to have another Rosemary bush and another Thyme plant. And tomatoes of course. MMMMM. And spinach.