Saturday, April 05, 2008


To be honest, I get just about as excited on Saturday mornings about doing my radio show as I did anytime ML went to play a gig anywhere. Reverting to childhood expressions of glee, in fact, over it. Impossible to sit still for hours before, light-headed and giddy, i do the weird thing where i rub all my fingers with my thumbs ( i don't know how to explain that, except that I know I was not the only kid who did it, and i often still see kids up to 10 doing it), can't keep a song (or a thought) in my head.

Today Wild Irish Gerry is going to pop in. I don't know what from there, but I told him if he comes by to bring his favorite music with him to play. He said he might bring his guitar, too. Wondering if I ought to bring mine, then we can play "Dirty Old Town" together. Tonight he's doing the open jam at Mia's and Pia's and I may finally go to one. I just keep forgetting about it, and he'll remind me about five times, tehrefore, there's a good chance I'll remember it tonight.

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