Saturday, April 26, 2008

more on multiplying

its not for any ethical or idealogical reason that my smart half and i don't have kids.

I babysat when I was a kid for spending money, kids of all ages, 6-month-olds to second graders. All that pretty much rubbed out any desire for kids I might have had. That desire has never returned.

I see people getting batty about wanting kids, and I guess I'm wired up all funny because I don't understand why. I lack the mommy gene or something.

When I do think about it, having a kid of my own, I come to the conclusion that I would be an inattentive, probably selfish, possibly resentful parent.

I like kids. I like to teach kids stuff, but wouldn't want to be an actual teacher because it doesn't seem like teachers are allowed to teach much anymore. I know a teacher who had a class of fifth graders that didn't know about primary and secondary colors and that red and blue make purple. Raise your hand if you knew that by second grade.

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