Saturday, April 19, 2008

crap from the phone's notepad thing

(spelling preserved)
1. Ker bdate 4:24p
2. Metro berlin chord
3. sticjers 4 main and tl
4. minuteman and bedlam r overs 4 robyn
5. Rodney 500 dol boat 1 5 ft w evinrude
6. God is a bullet eind
7. 513572
8. kf hope dope
9. beat keepers union
10. bren eraser


  1. I had a bren eraser once but I had to sell it on Craigslist. Turned out I had no bren to erase.

    Actually, I'm still not sure what bren is.

  2. a bren eraser is any substance that makes you forget where you put things.

    brain eraser

    someone was telling me how his pain killers are brain erasers. He loses stuff whenever he has to take a dose. "I took a brain eraser at noon. Can you help me find my glasses?!"