Thursday, April 24, 2008

free firewood

oh i almost forgot to mention.

Yesterday morning there were a couple of crews working their way south on the 97 doing some fuels reduction stuff in the KNF. Quite a few nearly dead trees came down, there were piles of stuff, a lot of the trees had their woofhairs trimmed, and a few stacks of neatly stacked, uniformly cut wood rounds were scattered around. Some of what went over in the storms over the winter were cut, too. This was on the southern end of the Mt Hebron summit, but not quite to grass lake.

I also noticed that the load of potatoes that dumped at the 161 and 97 in March has been dwindling.


  1. Okay - the internet won't tell me. What in God's name are "woofhairs"?

  2. on a person, woofhairs are the straggly bits on the back of your neck that always look the worst just before you get it cut if you have short hair. On a tree, woofhairs are the dead limbs just below the green part on an evergreen. I don't know what that is really called. So there's my supertechnical term.

    a ton of years ago, someone i knew called them "wolfhairs" but was one of those people who said "wolf" as "woof", and i just kind of appropriated the mispronounced one because it was funny.