Wednesday, April 30, 2008

whatever blows your hair back

When I got home I took a couple of minutes to plug Puddin into the big amp. Puddin is it's name, of course. All my guitars have names. It was Pete for a while but we decided Puddin was better.

Anyway. Puddin is a screaming bitch through the big amp. I am pleased to no end.

no no no. I'm fuckin stoked.

What are my guitars names, you ask? Ok maybe you don't but you get them anyway.
'57 acoustic Harmony Archtone six-string: Luna
'63 Harmony H2- Buster
'90s Ibanez GSR100 (at least I think that's the model. I don't have it in front of me)-Thud
undated ancient frankendano guitar- Greenie or JR
'90s Epiphone acoustic (model unknown, never bothered to look)- The Range (as in Home on the...)
The Yamaha I traded for the boots, that was my brother's, had a name for a short time- Yomamaha. Like Djeef's drums.

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