Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i feeeeeeel nice

I got some feedback about my show finally. I had given a couple of copies away to some people who can't get the station at their house so they could hear it. Yeah, I record them.

"I listened to the whole thing. I have to say I liked about 75% of what you played. There was some good stuff on there."

Which made me feel good. Not one top 40 hit among them.

I also came to an alarming conclusion about what I already have. Ok, I have done four shows now, where probably 50-60% of the songs have been cover songs. I have not had to repeat them at all yet. I still have a ton of cover songs left that I haven't played or can't play because of the FCC. So, four shows at three hours each, with about half those hours being filled with cover songs. About six hours of cover songs. Figure you can probably play about 20 songs in an hour.

There are those who would say that's demented.

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