Saturday, April 19, 2008

interesting - anyone need work?

While in Tulelake yesterday I and the owner of the store I was working at had a conversation with someone who is involved in one of the local farms.

This is the gist of it. I didn't get to follow the whole conversation because standing around jawing with people doesn't get me out of a store any faster.

Strawberries and strawberry stock are going into the ground right now. RIGHT NOW.
There are not enough workers to do this.

Anyone interested in a job should get hiking over to this area.

Anyone who says "Illegals steal jobs from Americans" has an opportunity to prove it. Anyone who can find one single anglo-American willing to plant strawberries and strawberry stock should be sure and send them this way, or even pull on some work clothes and do it themselves. Oregon unemployment is, as usual, high, so no excuse for a shortage of farm workers, really. REALLY.

Does this make me pro-illegal immigrant? No. Nor does it make me anti. Just pointing out a little real-life issue for anyone interested. I know no one in the bigger cities will give a rat's ass about basin farmers or their issues. That's already been shown over and over, that if you don't live in one of Oregon's big cities, your voice is not worth hearing.

Granted, Tulelake is in CA, but the strawberries are going in on the Oregon side, as well.

Enjoy your imported strawberries, I guess.

We're eating cake, still. Just like we were told to do in the early '90s. By people who love "protecting the worker".

We also have thousands, yes thousands, of acres of sick and dying and dead trees and 30 years of fuel buildup waiting to either catch fire or be doctored, but the doctoring involves cutting, and no.. can't have that. Much better to just watch all the forests, including "old-growth", go up in huge canopy fires and then find someone extraneous to blame for it. And then some poor guy who needed a decent job and got one as a wildland firefighter will burn up with the trees and who can be blamed for that...


"Tourism!!!" What a big fat fucking joke. It's all been a big fat joke.

Oregon- "The Punchline!"

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