Sunday, April 06, 2008

like a weasel

Sometimes I marvel at how fortunate I have been to get to do the things, however small they are, that really make me happy. The radio show? Damn this is the coolest thing ever. Playing music? No one I know imagined 12 years ago when I bought my busted up 1963 Harmony H27 bass that I would keep at it, and not only keep at it but keep learning, and learn other instruments on top of it, and holy shit, step on stage and play and get paid for it.

Some people look at their teen years as the best ever, some have loved their 20s, but my good time started in my late 20s.

Last night I went to the other open mic in town that runs once monthly. I had been nudging The Warthogger and The Smith to get up on stage and do some songs sometime soon. We did it last night, the three of us. Our first two songs went really well, but the last song we did, we always have a problem with it somewhere, and last night it fell apart on the last verse. So we laughed our asses off, thanked everyone for listening, and sat back down, to wild applause. I floated off to the ceiling. Warthogger and Smith analyzed what went wrong. I didn't care! I got them to get up and play some songs in public!

I am nearly ready to sing and play three songs I've been working on in front of an audience of both my music peers and total strangers. I get all worked up about it, and then I tend to chicken out when I get an opportunity. It's the singing part that I wig out on.

Singing is like being naked. Singing with other people, I do ok. Alone... might as well ask me to show up in just a thong.

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