Thursday, April 17, 2008

friggin GOLD MINE

the station has an incredible amount of oddball shit. I'm like a kid in a candy shop when I go in on Thursday usually, Paul runs it and I go hunting for interesting blues stuff and other goodies. Found in the vinyl today (and making me impatient to learn to run the turntables right) the Transvision Vamp album that has "Tell That Girl To Shut Up" on it. The Trashcan Sinatras. Oodles of Hoodoo Gurus. I generally borrow three or four CDs and make them mine, and then return them. Stumbled upon a Mike Scott CD today. I didn't even know he had a solo CD. Mike Scott from The Waterboys.

Which reminds me, when I had the Wild Irishman on a couple of weeks ago, he was shocked I had heard of the Waterboys. I was shocked that he was shocked. Didn't everyone know who the Waterboys were? Apparently not, as he says I am the first American he had met that knew who they were.

Shit, I could rattle off the words to about half a dozen Waterboys songs and can play at least three of them on the geetar.


  1. Hey Pril!
    I backtracked as a followup to your comment on my Beirut/Bayreuth posting. Wanted to say thanks for reading....And so discovered you're a music junkie. I've got Fisherman's Blues in my blood---our entire clan 're Waterboys fans, and Pogues for that matter. Y'er not alone!

  2. heh! Junkie may be an understatement. Thanks for stoppin by!