Thursday, April 24, 2008

a gas price report

My first two stops in Siskiyou are fuel stations, but I didn't notice the prices at either one of them because the sign isn't in my line of sight when I arrive just due to how the lots are set up. They're both in south Weed. Next two stops are in Mt Shasta, though.

Where immediately after coming into town at the central Mt Shasta exit I was totally stoked I had filled up in Oregon. Gas at the central exit area is $4.05/gallon for 87. The cheapest I saw was in S. Weed when I left, at $4.03.

Apparently there was a glitch since I was there in Mt Shasta last. Somehow one of their stores pumps got set to .39 cents a gallon. The manager said people were lined up down the road to get gas when she came in to fix it. Yeah, I guess so. A couple of weeks ago one of the toilets in one of their stores exploded. Yes. Exploded. Probably scared the crap out of the little kid who ran out to report it. (hur hur)

So I paid more attention on the way home.
McDoel Shell- $4.15/gallon. Diesel is close to $4.50.
Dorris $4.17 at the Alliance station, $3.99 at the other one.
Did not notice the price at the Worden truck stop, even though I was there for an hour and a half. They do have Biodiesel there, though.

In town, the cheapest I've seen is $3.59. The one closest to our house has it for $3.69.

Why am I in school? Oh yeah... slightly less than my half of hourly wage buys me a gallon of gas.


  1. Noticed it this morning at $3.59...this afternoon it's $3.65. A raise of .06 cents. We ain't gonna be doing anything this summer are we?

  2. whole lotta playin geetar on the porch, i expect. well, at least one really terrific event is local (Yay the blues festival in september!!!! yay!!!)